Courses & Venues:

Email booking is essential due to limited numbers:

All of our sessions need to be pre-booked at our email address above.  Regular course details are posted on our sites below. Give us a follow to see what’s happening near you!

@wowwskating on Instagram or Facebook


Penzance Leisure Centre, Cornwall, TR18 3QW

Tuesday evenings from 7pm onwards

Roller skate fun fitness and skills sessions. From age 11+yrs. We run short courses throughout the year which are tailored according to your ability.

Tuesday evenings from 8pm onwards

Roller Derby Fresh Meat intake. From age 18+yrs. We work closely with Cornwall Roller Derby to get you skate ready to become a roller derby player. Our Fresh Meat programme teaches you the basic skills required to be able to get on track and take part in this amazing full contact sport. All abilities welcome.

St Pirans Hall, Goldsithney, Cornwall, TR20 9LF

We also run occasional weekend morning and afternoon skate workshops. These are aimed at skaters who want to focus on a particular skill or skaters who prefer a one off condensed session.

Mount Hawke Skatepark, Mount Hawke, Cornwall, TR4 8BP

Ramp skate coaching, all abilities

These are organised at various times throughout the year in collaboration with @mounthawke.  Date announcements will be posted on social media.

Skate/Pad/Helmet hire is available for £3 per session. Email to reserve.